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Top 3 health affiliate networks you should join today !

If you’ve been sticking to Clickbank and amazon as your primary affiliate networks then you’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table , if you didn’t promote the physical health products before , then it is probably the most valuable post you will read , why ? , simply because there is so much money you can be making right now !

Why Health related products ?

Simple question but  , the fact is , there is not too many people that understand the power of these kind of products , many of us stick to earning pennies from digital ebooks and amazon products , there is so much few marketers that actually promote health and diet products simply because they have no idea that such market is profitable ! guess what !!! it is hugely profitable !!

What are the top 3 health affiliate networks ??


1 – Markethealth : this is the top pick by many affiliates , good offers , great landing pages , high commissions , great conversions , what else you need ?!


2 – MoreNiche : this affiliate networks contains some pretty good products that converts like crazy , some of the products are proven to convert at 1 per 10 clicks


3 – SellHealth : My third best health affiliate network , same thing as the two above , great landing pages , awesome conversion rates , and high commissions (probably even higher than the wto above)


How To promote these kind of products ?

1 – create a niche website :

The ebst method to promote these products is to create a website around the name of the product itself , or choosing a keyword in the same niche as the product , then all what you have to do is write articles and build few backlinks to it.

2 – Video Marketing  :

This probably seems like an old trick  , but this still works , and probably more effective than before , all what you have to do is create a video about the product and upload it to the video sharing sites.

Now What ?

Now all what you have to do is rinse and repeat , do that over and over again with more products , that is the key to making commissions , you shouldn’t reply on one product !

In the end i thank you all for reading this post and i hope this was valuable to you , before you leave please share this post :)

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