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The Most Selling Mobile Phones in History of World

What phones would you like to include if we prepare the list of most selling phones in history? The phones you are thinking about are not exactly as Samsung’s Galaxy S series and no series of notebooks, but also no Android phones are part of this list. But even more surprisingly, many feature phones of Nokia are part of this list and the old devices of Samsung, Motorola and Apple have also been able to place it. Let’s see the most popular sales in the history have been received.
10. Motorola Reserve V3 – Sale: Over 130 million

The Motorola Reserve V3 was a mastermind of his time. Its beautiful design used to isolate the user from all and separately, and that’s why it made the best of your time. Not only this is included in the highest-selling top 10 phones in history, but it is also the most popular in the flip phones. Resizer V3 can not be competed with today’s phone, but it was a great phone in its days.

1. Nokia 2600 – Sale: Over 135 million

Nokia 2600, which was released in 2004, was not much more, at least today’s standards, but this simple and strong device was very popular. The one-and-a-half display camera was neither camera nor Bluetooth but no other feature, but its great battery life and low cost was the secret of its popularity.

2. Samsung 1100 – Sales: Over 150 million


Like Nokia 2600, the Samsung 1100 also had a strong phone with battery life living, the entire 13-day standby time. This phone coming in 2009 was famous for availability and low cost worldwide. It had 1 MB internal storage with 1 point 52-inch display. Yes! We did not write wrong, it’s 1 MB, and it also had flashlight to work in the dark.

3. Nokia 5230 – Sales: Over 150 million

Nokia 5230 was an initial-level smartphone with an 3.2-inch touch screen, it used to operate a smart operating system and had 3G connectivity. It had GPS, 2 Megapixel Camera and 128 MB Rim. This device did not have WiFi but Wifi was not even popular in 2009.

4. Nokia 6600 – Sales: Over 150 million

The unique design of this phone made it special. See yourself, either you see it, or you will be hated. But during his lifetime it liked most people and it was the result that it sold over 150 million worldwide. When Nokia 6600 came in 2003, it was the latest phone, 2 point 1 inch display, a basic camera and 850 mm amplifier battery. It was too expensive, almost 700 dollars.

5. Nokia 1200 – Sales: Over 150 million

Nokia was the largest feature of 1200, its large battery, 7 hours talk time and a 3-hour standby. It also had a flashlight, but there was nothing special about the phone. Just Nokia made it strong and cheap. Then spread it around the globe, perhaps a country where it was not available. That’s why Nokia sold 1200 million units, today it is one of the five most popular phones.

6. Nokia 3210 – Sales: Over 150 million

Nokia 3210 is a very old phone and probably when you have not even started using the phone. This phone was launched in 1999 and it could only have been calls and messages could be sent. It was a lot of success, due to its color choices, and attractive colors. Its best feature was the snack game, which caused people to stay tired of hours.

7. IPhone 6 and 6+ – Sales: more than 220 million

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus released in 2014 are the most popular phones in this list. Well, they can not be compared with the latest IOS and Android devices, but they are actually the most popular phones for the 10 most popular mobile devices. His success was due to 4.7 and 5.5 inches of big screen, before it was just 4 inches in iPhone 5. That’s why the iPhone sold more than three times in its previous model, in the first few months, due to which it had to be a low cost.

8. Nokia 1110 – Sales: Over 250 million

Lightweight, strong, cheap and cheap phones, not cameras, no color display, not even the Nokia N70, elegant designs like anything else. Nevertheless, this device released in 2005 left behind all of the sales. It was a very fabulous phone call for callers and messengers and playkeepers.

9. Nokia 1100 – Sales: Over 250 million

The most recent selling phone in the phone was Nokia 1100, which you’ve definitely used or seen. This smartphone released in 2003 was simple but its design made it very popular. The secret of the popularity of Nokia’s Phones phones was everything in it, a strong and standard body, attractive design and low cost. Nokia’s wide network spread it to every region of the world and thus made the most popular history of history.

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