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How to make money with Clickbank ?

Clickbank is one of the top affiliate marketplaces where regular people can pick and promote products (affiliates) or place their own product for other people to promote (vendors) , in this article I’m going to give you some great tips to start making money with clickbank.


Make Money as an affiliate

Clickbank is a great place to find products to promote , best thing about clickbank is that it is free to join and They pay you on time , no delays at all !

picking a product

Picking a product can seem easy for some people but it isn’t , when choosing a product you need to ensure that the product you are promoting converts .

First you need to head to the marketplace the choose a category , after that you will see a list of products , now you need to find a product that converts , to do that you need to check the gravity in each product , you can also sort products by gravity to get the best converting products.

what is Gravity ?

Gravity is a indicator in all clickbank products , it tells you about how much people promoted it and made at least a single sale in the last 30 days , so the higher the gravity is the more the product is going to convert for you !

choosing the promotion method

Now after picking a great product to promote  you need to drive traffic to those offers in order to make commissions , the 3 most popular promotion methods are the following :

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is the most common traffic generation method used by Internet marketers nowadays , all what you have to do is set up a squeeze page , join an autoresponder service , install the opt-in code in your squeeze page and start getting email leads !

most popular autoresponder is aweber.

  • SEO

In order to promote your offers using SEO you need a website , these are the steps you need to follow to setup a website that gets traffic:

-Keyword research : you need to pick a keyword related to the product you’ve chosen ,don’t aim for the keywords with too much traffic as they have too much competition.

-Set up your website , do proper onpage SEO based on what keyword you’ve chosen , and write couple of quality articles (make sure you use original articles on your site)

-now build few links to your site .

  • PPC

This is the easiest way to promote your clickbank offers but this will require that you invest money to get traffic , this is what we call pay per click traffic , most popular PPC network is google adwords.

Make Money as  product vendor

Making money as a product vendor is probably not for new internet marketers as it require that you create your own products and services , to give you straightforward instructions here is what you have to do to become a product vendor at Clickbank:

-First you need to create your own product , pick a niche the write an ebook about a certain issue or you can record 5 to 6 videos (this is way better than the ebook) , you don’t have to do this yourself you can outsource someone else to do this for you at odesk.com or freelancer.com

-Write a sales letter for your new product : here is a great article about writing effective sales letters at powerhomebiz.com

-Now join Clickbank as a product vendor or add your product , it will cost you a $49.95 to activate your product , it is a one time fee.

-Now start promoting your own product at forums or using PPC and find affiliates to promote it for you.

This is Aymen B and thank you for reading this article , home this will help you in your journey to learn how to earn money online

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