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Get call and mess notification from the selected numbers only

Often at night you would have been sleeping deeply sleeping a bell ring. After being awakened by deep sleep, mobile viewing shows that it is an important call or message. Or someone makes a mistake dial to you. But your sleep has become worse.

Of course, some people including me take out the solution that the mobile goes on sleeping on a “silent-silent” mode. And in the morning, you see that you did not call any necessary number or call. It is sometimes a very important call to your friend or friend, which is very important to get you timely, but you can not receive it because of being on the mobile mode.

The solution to this problem is already in Google android based smartphones. But this feature is available only on smart phones, with android’s Lollipop 5.0 or higher version installed. This version has added Google’s preference mode. You can enjoy calm sleep by using it. And may be timely aware of any urgent or emergency call. Google has to say about this funeral mode …

Now you will not be disturbed by the voice and throat of your chosen callers and alarms.

If there’s a Android version of android and a new version of Android, then do the following steps on the following instructions and get rid of the problem using Google’s “Priority” mode.

Actually this happens in the Priority mode that instead of silence the sound of the mobile, you turn on some of your essential contact numbers and other features that you want to be timely about. Even if your mobile phone receives the rest of the calls and messages. But the voice of the mobile phone will come only when your specified numbers will call or message.

To use this feature, you go to your mobile settings and click the “Do Not Disturb” function there. Now do not have “Do not Disturb Mode” or some version of the “Options” option in the front screen. “Find out. You can also help with the screenshot below.

Now you first need to turn it on by clicking on the “Priority Only” function so you can get more settings. If you want to use this function for specific time, such as meetings, then click “Enable as scheduled” above. By clicking on this can also set the time specified for this mode. However, after turning on “Priority Only,” click on the “Advanced” or “More Settings” below. And look at the various specifications on the front screen finsfeedback.com.

Some of the features in Android are already default, you can use them, but you can also customize the specifics on your own. For example, with the option of “Turn off visual interruptions” or “Block Visual disturbance”, you can fix whether the notifications that can be turned on may notify the “Notification” screen on screen or may appear on the screen or No. It has two types of settings.

Block when screen is on

Prevent silent notifications from appearing on the screen.

Block when screen is off

Prevent silent messages from being turned on screen.

After that, you will see the option of “Priority only allows” to look at the screen. In some modern versions, this option will also appear as “Define Priority Interruptions”. As shown in the screen shot below. This is the option you can click to set your settings for custom numbers.

Here you can stop or allow all options including reminders, opportunities, messages, and calls. Use “starred contacts only” option to allow call and messages to specific contact numbers. Remember that in modern versions it may also be available by “favorite contacts only”. As shown from the screen shot.

Now the next and final step is to label your favorite contact numbers to label a star or favorite. It is a good idea to have this labeled option if you selected the option “Only starred contacts.” If you have selected the “Contacts only” option, then there is no use to label it. However, to set a star label, go to your phone’s contacts and select the corresponding contact number, which you want to be timely aware of from incoming calls and messages.

After selecting the outline, click on the stars you’ve made. And so this number will come to your list of favorite numbers. And despite being on the mobile mode, you’ll be able to get the notification back on the number. If you want to finish this number from the list, click on the star again and remove it.

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