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Fitness app in 2019

Five Best Android Apps for Fitness in 2019

The new year has started and like every new year you will have made some promises to yourself. Many people have done this promise that they will work on their fitness this year and start a healthy life.

If you have also decided that your smartphone can help you achieve this target. There are hundreds of apps that can help you with fitness, but some apps are much better. Today you’ll be able to tell about the same apps:


My Fitness Paul’s Play Store has one of the most popular and popular fitness applications. This is because it is a calorie, exercise, weight and other eye-catching all-in-one tool. The aspect that further improves it is the ability to add third-party apps and fitness devices to the app. Now no other need to add data from other services, this app automatically sync. Free on the My Fitness Paul Play Store is available, but if its premium features are used, you’ll have to spend $ 10 a month or spend $ 50 per year.


Straw specially for those who want to record their walks, racing and cycling through GPS. It is also known for its community features due to the use of users who can share their exercises and routes with friends and straw apps on social media. Then there’s also itsroid software application – if you do not bring your smartphone with it, exercise will be tracked. Steroos can be downloaded free from the Play Store. However, there are also premium features, with which it is available $ 8 million and 60 dollars annually.


Runtostic is exactly the same as straw, which tracks your walk, racing and cycling and gives you the opportunity to share your way with others. Although its Android software applications are also good, but what they disguise involvement of various music applications, which gives the user an opportunity to listen to music during their workout. Runtostic can be downloaded for free while its premium features are available on $ 3 to 5 million.

Yoga Studio

If you are following a slow and comfortable fitness program, you should turn to Yoga Studio, which is one of the best yoga apps on the Play Store. Although it is something expensive, it does not have to buy anything inside the app, and there are 65 videos that tell you about different ways. Yoga studio price is $ 20.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a basic feature but has many useful features. You can set goals for yourself, use your smartphone to track your activities and completely integrate with Android ware Smart Watch. Although it does not have smart analytics features like other apps, but it’s a very good app for beginner. It can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

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