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Best Android Apps for the Football World Cup

With the Saudi Arabia and Russia match, one of the biggest sporting events in the ‘FIFA World Cup’ has started a formal start. Now, for the next few days, 32 countries will look forward to struggling for this beautiful trophy and look at the trumpet but at the moment of billions of tournament tournaments.

There are many useful and best apps for Android users who offer many information as well as with World Cup groups, schedule and scores. Let’s take a look at it:


The ESPN app is the most exquisite and it also features special news and wide coverage as well as specialty for the FIFA World Cup. What is the situation on the table in group stage? Who is the next match? What time will it be played and where? More than this will be found on this app.

FIFA World Cup Russia Official App

No list of apps for a tournament like the World Cup can be complete without the official app. This app is with immediate coverage and videos of all 64 matches played in the World Cup. Here you can see the highlights and live analysis too. The FIFA app will also get all the players and their coaches profiles, but the most delicious thing for you is that in each competition, you can also participate in voting for ‘Man of the Match’. Also, there is also the FIFA World Cup Fantasy app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store so you can choose your World Cup Dream Team and compete with other football players.

FotMob World Cup

Fit is a favorite app for mobile football dunes. Like the general league season, even in the FIF-World Cup, the same live coverage offers the same, with data as well as quick. It can also predict the user and get notification for your favorite team.

Google News

The Google News app is also ready for the World Cup. The Google World Cup tracker offers a direct score, schedule and results in elegant and attractive manner. This app will also offer a video review on YouTube, but unfortunately it will be able to use only the World Cup tracker living in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

the core

The score is also an All-rounder app offering the World Cup news. All news, quick scores, upcoming competition, points table and much more will be available on it. There is also a facility to get popular themes and news of your favorite team. If you choose a team, you can get every round of your goal, alternate player’s arrival, or someone’s card showing alerts.

SofaScore Live Score

The Sufi score has been popular among international and European football fans since the time of the World Cup 2018. It offers a clean and simple user interface, but with the detailed view of the rating of players and the goals of each player’s goals, assists, and passes, not only that, but also the heatmaps of movement in the player’s field. This is displayed on the app. This is probably one of the best World Cup apps on the Play Store.


The most popular video sharing app, which does not require any introduction. Because here you can not see any competition directly – otherwise you have a subscription – but YouTube maintains highlights for more than 80 countries. Many channels in BBC and other countries in Focus, UK, will work in the United States. Now it does not know whether PTV sports in Pakistan will offer a highlights on whether or not, the direct broadcast is not giving it anyway.

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