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5 Powerful tips to generate Quality Free traffic to your website

99% of internet marketers agree that getting targeted traffic to your website is the key to earn money online , but also 90% of those internet marketers are not making money online simply because they are not getting enough traffic to convert into sales or commissions , i will present you the 5 most loved way to generate traffic to your offers and websites.



SEO or search engine optimization is the most common and loved way to generate traffic , simply because search engines generate the most targeted and valuable traffic out there ! SEO is a combination of 2 techniques : first is onpage SEO and second is link building

  • Onpage SEO :

You need to ensure that you have a good optimized website in order to qualify it to rank high in search engines, first you need to pick the right keywords and place them wisely in your page , this is what we call keyword density. Page structure and organisation became very important after the latest google panda update .

  • Link building

Building backlinks to your website is something vital if you want to rank your website high in search engines like google and yahoo , you need to ensure that your keywords are the anchor text of your links when you build backlinks to your site , most common link building ways is article distribution which consist of sending articles with a link back to your site in the author box , the second most common way is blog commenting , it consist of visiting other peoples blogs and leaving a comment with a link back to your site.

Forum advertising

A lot of Internet marketers are making a lot of money online over forum marketing , there is a popular forum to almost any niche online ,people visit forums to talk about the latest trends in their niche and keep up to date with all the changes , Internet marketers use those forum to gain a lot of exposure to their offers by spreading the words over there.

Email advertising

This is the most powerful way to get instant traffic to almost any site you want , it is like the magic button you click on and see the traffic coming to your site , you hear very often things like “if you are not building a  list you are leaving money on the table” , well that is so true , having a email list is enough to establish a 10 000$ monthly income easily with no pain and hassle.

Classified advertising

If you own an online business where you are selling products such as shoes and clothes then you should consider doing ads classifieds marketing , ads classifieds are websites that you are allowed to post a free ads and got the chance to talk about your products . most popular classifieds ads is craigslist.org .

Social Media

Nowadays with Facebook having more than 500 million members and twitter with crazy amount of traffic and youtube with insane daily views you got to think twice before skipping this part , you see social media become the most favorite traffic generation way after SEO , Facebook fan page and twitter followers and youtube views become the daily talk at the internet marketing forums and blogs.

I hope this short summaried article helped you to get an idea about where to go to seek more info about getting free traffic , after all getting targeted free traffic is the only key behind earning money online.

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