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10 Best Apps for Your New Android Phone

So did you buy a new Android phone before the start of the year 2019? So when you open, you will also have your favorite apps installed. Facebook, Wats app, Instagram, SnapPet Chat etc. But this is the best time to go deeper. If you are doing this job for the first time, then be sure to pay attention to these 10 apps. It may not seem to be of your opinion, but these apps must be used to enjoy the full range of Android phones.


There is no reason to say that the use of password manager is an additional task. We find it easier to write and use the same old password repeatedly, but if you want to make your accounts more secure, then you have to do so much. And who does not want his accounts to be saved? LastPass makes this work easier for you. Remember that you also need to use this app on the desktop. Lots of passes are also suggested that its free version is also available, and we also have the opportunity to do all the basic and important tasks.

Weather Timeline

There is no shortage of weather forecasting apps, but it is very difficult to beat the Weather Timeline where the matter is beautiful and the app’s widget is very important. It’s colorful and customable, and is easy to read. More importantly, it uses Dark Sky’s data – that you will get the complete prediction system of Dark Sky’s rain, without paying it too. Well the price of the app is Rs 140.


If you are a serious Twitter user, Flamingo is for you. You can use colors for your app’s main tasks and also create your own themes. It also features ‘read later’ and also the system of silence to users and keywords. He has more than that and he too only Rs 230.


VSCO is one of the fantastic photographic editing apps, its best photographic filters make your photos a masterpiece. With its basic and easy editing tools, you can bestow your photos in the best way.


Google’s second mail app inbox other than Gmail. If you receive too many emails, this app has many features for ease of handling them. Inbox automatically puts emails into different groups so that they can get more important emails first and pay more attention to what they really need to read.

Google Fit

Do you know that your phone also has the ability to count your stepped steps? If you know this, nothing better than Google Fit to record its record. This is a very simple app and works very well. It tells you how much a walk you walked in a day? How much cycling? If you are not satisfied with its automatic system, you can manually do it and its results are very spectacular. Through this you can also set goals for daily hiking and other activities.


One of the advantages of using iPhone and Mac is that iPhone notifications are also available on computer and you can reply to them or follow their instructions. But nothing like this in Android but Pushbullet can do this. Install it on your phone and then on your desktop or client in your Mac or PC, your phone notifications will be available on the computer too. This percentage percentage does not work, but still your The problem can be solved. If you are a computer user like us, this app can save you a lot of valuable time.

Audio Recorder

There will be no reason why no voice recorder comes with Android, at least the stock is not in Android. But Sony’s audio recorder is the best. It’s simple, free and publicly used users can also use them properly. Just think that the top quality will not be recording, this option is great but its file becomes too heavy and will store your phone storage.

Messenger Lite

If you use the Facebook Messenger app so much, it is better to use Messenger Lite after the traditional app. As the name suggests that this is a light version of the app and it does not contain all the ’emblems’ that make the Messenger app heavy. If you do not use video chat like that, you should turn on the light.


If you are not already using Pocket, it’s time to install its app. Pocket allows you to save articles you find while browsing and want to save later to read. If you are among those who study on holiday or work during the holiday, then the Pocket is for you.

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